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Prosječna ocjena zadovoljstva studiranjem - ak. god. 2020/2021


International Relations

The University of Rijeka’s collaborations with foreign universities, scientific institutions, international agencies and associations for aiding research development is of great importance for realizing the University’s fundamental development goals.
The University’s openness towards society and the world is a prerequisite of its development. Openness and exchange of teachers, scientists and students of the University of Rijeka with foreign institutions grants access to comparability along with a critical evaluation of one’s own goals and realizations as well as taking into consideration global principles of evaluating research and university-level teaching.
This paves the way for successful participation in bilateral and multilateral research programmes, exchange programmes of teachers, students and young researchers while at the same time ensuring specialization and training grants and scholarships. And last but not least, the University’s fundamental objectives are being met through these activities.
Thus the University encourages international collaborations in all ways, shapes and forms. It especially strives to create conditions for the advancement of international collaboration particularly in those areas where international relations were non-existent until now.