Healthy Lifestyle through CommunityHealth Assets & Clinical Simulation

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Name of the BIP: Salutogenesis: Healthy Lifestyle through CommunityHealth Assets & Clinical Simulation


Date of physical mobility: July 8th to 12th (5 days)

Date of on-line component: May 1st, 8th and 15th (3 days)

The program aims at providing a students with the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • To acquire knowledge about health promotion and the community health model based on salutogenesis.
  • To identify and map health assets in the community, prescribing them in a later stage to encourage a healthy lifestyle in individuals, families, and the society in general.
  • To work with students from other countries and disciplines on participatory action research methodology in a community context.
  • To use clinical simulation as a teaching methodology in the acquisition of healthy habits.

We are looking for Higher Education Institutions (so far, from Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, and Sweden) interested in participating by:

  • Providing students from any Health Sciences related program (Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, etcetera), from any study cycle (Undergraduate to Phd) to participate in the BIP. Students should receive an Erasmus+SMS grant (Student Mobility for Studies) from your university.
  • Inviting their Faculty members to collaborate on the virtual component of the BIP, and/or join us physically in July. Faculty attending to the physical part of the BIP should receive an Erasmus+ STA grant (Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignment) from your university, though it’s possible to attend as well with an Erasmus+ STTgrant (Staff Mobility for Training).
  • If you’re not sure if you can provide those grants, please contact Marija
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